Screen Repair


Dropped your Macbook by mistake and found the screen cracked or damaged? Macbook LCD replacement is a very common and inexpensive restoration process. Some common issues associated with replacing your LCD screen include:

  • Bleeding or cracked screen.

  • Vertical Lines across the screen.

  • Dim video.

  • White Screen.

Data Recovery


Are your photos, music or important data stuck on an old or broken drive? Will your Macbook manufacturer get it back for you? Bring us any data drive and we’ll attempt to recover all of your files using tried and tested techniques.

Startup Issues


  • Free Diagnostic and Complete Computer Analysis.

  • Backup and restore all important data.

  • Software restoration.

  • Repair all operations & system issues.

  • Mac Performance optimization.

  • Back up to 50 GB of data.

  • Free office suite installed.

  • Dust and debris removal



Keyboard & Mouse


A broken keyboard can really hinder your daily life by slowing and even stopping your digital communications. Whether it’s a single key or a whole row we will strive to fix your issues quickly and effectively using nothing but top of the line parts at competitive pricing.

Windows Startup


Stop by Envigo and have an Apple Certified Technician set up Microsoft windows on your Macintosh computer.

Logic Board


How can you know if your Macbook has motherboard issues? At Envigo, we are glad to explain and walk you through some of the common motherboard problems. If your Macbook is shutting off randomly your motherboard may be overheating. Do the cooling fans spin? Do the LED lights function while video does not? Is your Macbook just not working at all? Signs like these are common in motherboard issues. At Envigo, we can take care of malfunctioning motherboards efficiently and quickly.