Free Diagnostic


Unsure which service is right for you? Call us or bring us your computer and we’ll offer you a hassle free estimate on your system. Once we receive your system we’ll run a series of test to pinpoint the problem and provide a detailed quote. Then one of our technicians will detail the necessary repair procedure for your system and help you make the right choice for your budget and needs.

Virus Removal


  • Remove all viruses, spyware, malware, and rootkits.
  • Repair all operating system issues.
  • Backup and restore all important data.
  • Software restoration.
  • Anti-Virus installed.
  • Blue Screen of Death repair.
  • Optimize system files.

Data Recovery


Did your external or internal laptop drive crash? Did you forget to backup your information. Don’t worry you’re not alone this happens quite often we have a complex suite of software and data recovery tools to get all your precious memories and crucial documents back. We take Data recovery very seriously at Envigo so we use a strict protocol to retrieve your documents.



Computer upgrades are a fundamental part of extending the life of your laptop or desktop computer. Ask us about:

  • Hard Drive Upgrade
  • Solid State Drive Upgrade
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Video Card Upgrade
  • Sound Card Installation.
  • Windows Upgrade

Startup Issues


Is your computer not turning on? Are you getting the dreaded blue screen of death, or maybe windows just won’t. At Envigo Diagnostics are free and most of these issues can be solved the same day. Bring it in we’ll be happy to take a look.



Need to start your computer from ground zero? Bring it in for a quick reformat, where we’ll install the Operating system of your choice and install all of the necessary drivers. Your computer will leave working better than new. Zero Bloatware.