Envigo was started in 2007 by two amazing friends Patrick O’keef and Aldo Rodriguez. both of us were avid online gamers and who participated regularly in competitive online play. We attend tournaments and constantly strived to be the best. Like a fine tuned race car our hardware had to be in peak shape with the best possible components on the market.

Our friends and competitors started to take notice. We started getting request to build computers similar to the ones we had and had built for ourselves and thus a brand was born. Envigo what does it mean many ask. We wanted a name that was as robust as our computers and that was unique enough that would not infringe on any existing computers so we smashed together two awesome words Energy and Vigor. Robust gaming computers is just a small part of our business. When the 2008 financial crisis occurred customers were ordering less computers. Being certified computer technicians we began to service already existing computers with the same level of attention to detail we use when building our awesome high performance computers. In 2009 Envigo opened its doors to its very first store front located across the street from Costco Wholesale at precisely 271 NW 82 Ave Miami FL. We used the store front to offer a wide range of computer and Smartphone repairs. In addition to displaying our high performance computers. We definitely pioneered Smartphone repairs in south Florida giving people a second option when damaging there handsets. We started fixing iPhone 2G, then iPhone 3G and the list grew to almost every Smartphone on the market today. We became so good at it big retailers started sending us clients as a last resort to their broken handsets. Today Envigo has expanded to a second location near coral gables FL located at 2300 SW 57 Ave Miami FL. Where it is run by Senior Tech Ryan Lucia. Ryan is a mechanical engineer major and has created custom computers cases for our gaming systems offering clients a new level of unique looking systems to compliment there office or gaming environment. I want to leave you with this. Envigo = Quality we do not cut corners or use cheap replacements, While we may be $10 more than the competition it is for good reason we will not sacrifice quality for margins.

With that every repair at Envigo has a minimum of 6 month warranty and our custom computers carry a no questions asked 2 year onsite warranty.

I thank you for reading